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Plumbing is something that most homeowners find mystifying. To work on their pipes underneath their homes requires a lot of work that most of the time does not end well. This is how the services of plumbers like Plumbing Philadelphia will come in handy. Our team is dedicated to helping homeowners across Philadelphia solve their plumbing issues in the best way possible with the advantage of letting them know what is happening for the homeowner to understand better about their own home plumbing system. Here are some things that homeowners should know about their plumbing system at home.


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The plumbing system is divided into two subsystems

One is to take in fresh water (supply system) and the other is to take out waste water (drainage system). These two are the most important things that homeowners must remember about their home plumbing system.

The fresh water coming in the house is controlled by pressure.

The pipes are there for the water to flow in but the water is controlled to go to every corner and room of the house by pressure. This pressure is manipulated by valves. Your main valve can shut off the supply of water in your home and is typically found near the water meter that measures the amount of water you use.

There are two separate pipes for cold and hot water.

The cold water used at home can be directly sourced from the main water supply pipe. Another pipe delivers this water to the water heater when you need hot water. After the water is heated, it is then delivered to you through another pipe. The temperature of the water can be controlled through a thermostat.

The waste water from the house depends on gravity.

The pipes that are connected to the drainage system are tilted in a way that would help the water flow down to either the septic tank, if the house uses a septic system to collect waste, or the sewers. There are also other factors that affect the flow of waste water into the pipes such as air. These factors depend on how the home’s plumbing system is created and therefore, has professional jobs done to them to work properly.

There are other fixtures at home that may require a special kind of system.

For home fixtures such as bath tubs, toilets, or faucets that are customized by the homeowner, there are other plumbing systems in place for them and are fixed by experts to be able to function well and be used easily and comfortably at home.


All of these things are knowledge that are known to Plumbing Philadelphia. Our team is willing to let the homeowners know about these things for them to understand what happens in their home and if there are things they can do if they suddenly find themselves in a situation where they cannot quickly call the plumber. As for other services such as installation of fixtures, maintenance of pipes and valves as well as check-ups, Plumbing Philadelphia will not hesitate to give a helping hand.

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