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You do not have to live with your ratty old carpeting or scuffed-up vinyl anymore! flooring installation Philadelphia has plenty of flooring options that are very affordable and alluring. You can choose from vinyl, laminate to some kinds of tile that all cost under $1 per square foot.

Nevertheless, you also need to be wise with the flooring choices that you use for the renovation. You need to apprehensive that each type of flooring has pros and cons, and a kind that is ideal for one room could be a terrible choice for another.

Flooring Installation Philadelphia

Honestly, there is no one type of flooring ideal for every room you plan to do a total makeover. For instance, hardwood is mostly used because of its warm, classic look, but it does not hold well to moisture or rough treatment.




This type of flooring has been one of the most popular among many consumers. Its construction includes wooden boards or planks between 0.5 and 0.75 inches thick, which are typically installed by nailing them to a wooden subfloor.

Engineered Wood

This flooring type naturally has a thin veneer of natural wood on top, showing the grain, with layers of less expensive plywood underneath. It is also considered cheaper and sturdier than any type of flooring.

Ceramic Tile

This flooring is made from a mixture of clay and shale. And to complete its process, it is fired in a kiln like pottery.


Its top layer is not wood but a photograph under a clear plastic coating. And it can be in various looks: wood, stone, tile, or just about any other material.


Bamboo is known as a fast-growing grass that produces flooring with the look and finish of hardwood. It has become popular recently as an eco-friendly alternative to wood flooring.

Here is a look at the advantages and disadvantages of several types of flooring.

1. Hardwood


It looks great in any style of home. This material is long-lasting since it can be refinished up o five times. This could increase the value of your property. Wood floors are reasonably easy to clean.


It cannot withstand rough handling well. It warps if when exposed to moisture for a long time. This material may shrink and swell due to temperature changes.

2. Engineered Wood


It gives the look of solid wood at a marginally lower price. This material is more stable than solid wood and less sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity.


It can scratch and dent easily. It is also less durable than hardwood over the long run because it can typically be refinished only once.

3. Bamboo


This type of flooring is moisture-resistant than wood. It is also available in forms that are easy to install. Bamboo is also easy to refinish.


Although this type is a renewable resource, bamboo planks are mostly made in and shipped from Asia, which adds to their carbon footprint. It is known that numerous bamboo flooring manufacturers use glues high in harmful formaldehyde in producing this flooring. All varieties are susceptible to scratches and dents.

4. Ceramic Tile


Floor tile comes in many colors and shapes. It fits in with any style of home. It is even possible to create ceramic tiles with any pattern.


It typically feels cold and hard underfoot. A glazed ceramic tile can also be slippery unless it is coated with an exceptional anti-slip finish.

5. Laminate


This flooring mimics the look of wood or stone for much less money. When installed, this material is easy to clean and requires very little maintenance. It could also resist scratches, dents, and stains.


This type of flooring can be slippery when wet. It could not also hold up well in wet environments, such as a damp basement. It is also impossible to refinish a laminate when it wears out, only replaced.

Choose only the best type for your floor and experience satisfaction.


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